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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Its Just Too Beautiful

I am suppose to spend this entire week, starting today, crammed in a gymnasium with dozens of other new graduations pouring over nursing material as a review for the NCLEX.  Its not mandatory, but its essentially a free week long review offered by the school on their main campus, forty miles away from my home.  Nothing sounds better than a free review for the NCLEX... that is until I saw the weather forecast for this week.  



Gorgeous. this morning view of the Conneticut River Valley. 

Lord help me.

I don't know if I can sit still in a class room, let alone absorb anything knowing how incredibly gorgeous it is outside.  Shawn is off four of the five days I am suppose to go to this class, too.  Oh my.  There are more temptations to forgo the class than I ever anticipated!   This is the last situation I'd desire the first week after school ends where I am itching to embrace my freedom from classes and clinicals. 

Either way I need strength.  Strength to be a good, dutiful student and attend a week full of class amidst sunshine, or the strength to do a heck of a lot of studying on my own.  Oh my...  

7 comments: said...

Gorgeous picture!
As if the weather wasn't enough to make you want to skip that review, then your hubby has all those days off work!
Good luck staying focused!

Misty Dawn said...

Oh my! I'd need strength too! I don't think I could do it. You're a stronger person than I!

Monica said...

Beautiful photo! It's always so hard to be made to spend time indoors when there is so much beauty outside just waiting to be taken in. You can do it!

MarieElizabeth said...

Good luck studying - it is so hard to do when it's finally gorgeous outside.

Mel said...

Beautiful photo! Good luck with the study session. I hope you can find the self-control to make it!

NickyG said...

You've taken the photo, keep it with you when you are studying. You'd kick yourself if you didn't go to class I bet.

kittyhere said...

This is an old nag commenting: Go to that study group -- unless you know you are an ace test taker & positive you will pass that test even if you skip around outside. Do you really want to lose that nice job close to home with normal hours because you didn't study enough? How would you explain that to your child when she is 10 or 14 and wants to skip doing her homework?

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