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Monday, May 23, 2011

Beneath the Blossoms

I know I posted a very similar photo to one of these in my last post, forgive me, but I really really love it for some reason.  Its not that the photo is special... heck, its just outside the door from one of the ambulance services I work for, but every time I see this photo and look at these blossoms I can smell the amazingness of those flowers.  The sharp sweetness is permanently etched in my brain like a blissful memory.

The wind was blowing all the little petals through the air as if I was being showering with confetti as I walked beneath the branches.  For a moment I wasn't at work.  I wasn't tired and worn down from days on end with fraught and shortened sleep and longer than expected hours at work without many moments to sit down.  Instead, I was beneath a canopy of sugary colored flowers in dappled sunlight.  It was a haven and heaven, both are appropriate. 

Even the puddles held a ring of scattered petals carried there by the wind, like the aftermath of a celebration waiting to be swept away.  It should be no surprise that I spent my time breathing in this fresh and dulcet moment, and snapping photos with my iPhone.  --before I thought to go back inside and grab my 'real' camera were were rushed off to save the day for another ambulance that had broken down on the side of the road, but that's another story.

Forgive my poetic and sappy moments in this post... I must soak them in while I can for I am off to spend another week long stretch of day shifts learning, and being thrust into, the throes of nursing. 


Mel said...

What a sweet "break" from reality. And how great to have such a spot right by work.

MarieElizabeth said...

I do find myself taking tons of photos of the blossoms. As if storing it up for later on.

Melina said...

Please, be sappy, be anything you want as long as you keep posting photos of my home!!! Oh, breathe in the sweet lilacs....I miss Vermont. I miss the upper valley. So. Much. Thanks for bringing me a piece of it. Now, go drink an iced tea at Molly's for me!


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