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Friday, May 20, 2011

Answers! I've got 'em

Part of me actually wondered if anyone would ask questions, but actually I was quite impressed with the variety of things people ended up asking.  Sometimes I feel like I am so sporadic with my post topics that its hard to get a good sense of some particulars about me, and also I don't share everything, so I am glad I have a chance to spill some details some of you have been pondering...

So without further adieu...

Do I live near Coventry, VT?
No, currently we live in the Upper Valley area.   We used to live in Island Pond until this past winter, which is about 30 minutes from Coventry.  I've been there many times, taken many photos there, and have been past the fields where the Phish concert was held.  There are still upside down trees standing in the fields from that concert. 

How rustic was my old cabin?
I had power, running water, and wireless internet thanks to DSL.  So, in comparison to our hunting camp which has none of the above I would say not very.  However, it wasn't a kit house and literally built from the ground up by the man who we bought the house from.

Photo of the cabin?
Oddly enough I don't have a ton of really good photos...  

Do you still own it?  And do you miss it?
I wish I could afford two homes, but we can't, so we only own our ranch house.  Actually, I miss the cabin quite a bit.  Well... more so I miss Island Pond.  Its not my cup of tea to live in town with so much hub-bub around. 

Does being a mother-to-be or mom change my career plans and, if so, how? 
Absolutely it does.  The fact that I am expecting is the core reason I took the job I did.  I have had several more appealing job opportunities that weren't feasable at all due to a pending bundle of joy.  Night shifts, no matter how appealing the job title, are just not possible with a firefighting husband and a newborn to find daycare for.  Overnight daycare when you don't live near family doesn't exists.

What level EMT am I?
I am an Intermediate (in Vermont and Nationally Registered).  My husband is a paramedic.  I plan on challenging the paramedic exam with my RN licensure.  I've always wanted to become a paramedic, but Shawn and I have determined that financially and schedule wise it is not ideal for both of us to be paramedics as our primary career. 

My favorite part about being an EMT
The fact that every single day of work is different and honestly I find the job extremely fun.  I mean, I get to see and do all sorts of cool things like ride four wheelers to reach patients and climb into mangled cars and start IVs in upside down, trapped people.  At least that is my idea of fun.

Craziest patients I've had?
  • I once had a woman start talking about herself in the third person, as if she had multiple personalities, and state she was mad at this other personality.  Then she proceeded to attack me seconds later.  Fortunately we were already en route to a psych hospital.   
  • Last week I had a man who called us at 4am because he had had a mild cough for 14 days and the directions on his cold medicine said to call the doctor if his symptoms didn't go away after taking the medicine for 14 days.  He took the directions literally as "call 911" if his cold symptoms persisted the second he woke up on the 14th day.  

How did I become passionate about photography?
I always loved taking photos since I was really little.  Perhaps it was the memories they brought back years later looking at them.  Until a couple friends actually asked to buy a couple photos of mine as prints about a year and a half ago I never thought of it as anything more than something I did for myself for fun.  Then I realized that maybe I had found my talent, my niche, and chose to practice and really better myself at it.

How did I figure out what I was doing with photography and editing photos?
I took a half semester course that spent about two weeks on photography, among other things, in high school and attended a summer camp as a child that held a week long photography class.  Those two classes are the only photography classes I've ever attended.  I've never attended any class to learn about editing.  Basically the answer to both is that I've read articles/blogs online, examined other photographer's photos (as in - why does that particular photo look so good?) and then practiced.  Lots and lots of shooting, missing shots, and learning by my own mistakes and masterpieces.

What names are in the running for my baby girl?
We are tossing around a couple, in fact, I think we have settled on one, but I am keeping it a secret from most everyone except family.  I want to name to be a surprise, plus we both want to be able to change our minds in the next couple of months just in case something else sounds more 'right'. 

What is my religious affiliation?
I was raised Seventh Day Adventist, however I do not follow that religion now that I am an adult.  My career choices have led to me not attending services of any kind for quite some time.... you don't get weekends off for Church in EMS.  I'd basically classify myself as a non-practicing Christian/Agnostic. I've talked with my husband (who doesn't attend church either, and never really has) about religion and our child.  When our child is older, perhaps toddler age, it is important to me to try and see if attending a church will work for us.  I think church is a great foundation for proper behavior, socializing, morals, and values. 

Am I democrat or republican?  And what do I think about the government's involvement in my life?
I hate classifying myself as either.  Really, when you do I think it limits you to your opinions and other people make assumptions about your views.  I let my political orientation be determined by my view of the particular issue I am considering.  And personally I don't think the government is too involved in my life, but only because for myself personally I am not really affected by any issue directly that is a hot-topic at the moment.

How do I see myself raising/teaching my child and would the child's sex cause a difference?
I want my child to do whatever she wants to do.  If she wants to have everything pink, pretty, and sparkly then she will and if she wants to play in the dirt and catch frogs than she can, too!  However, I will add, that if I were having a boy I would probably not encourage my boy to dress like a girl or be so pretty and sparkly.  I'm a believer in some sort of gender lines, just my opinion. 

How soon do I see myself having another child, if I do at all?
I absolutely want another child, but my hopes are for two things to happen before I do;  That my first  child is potty trained completely and that we have moved into a bigger house

What was my favorite snack as a kid?
I loved and still love butterscotch krimpets.  I have never seen them sold anywhere north of Maryland so I only get them now when I return home to visit my parents.  They are amazing.  I buy a couple boxes every time I visit and then promptly eat the entire contents in two days. 

What kind of music do I like?
Its really eclectic and depends on my mood, however my staple is usually rock and classic rock.  I've always loved classic rock since I was a kid and my parents listened to it. 

What movies influenced me growing up?
I don't know if any movies influenced me per se, however the Never Ending Story and the Goonies were favorites of mine that definitely made me imagine that impossible ideas were possible. 

What are some blogs I visit on a daily basis?

I actually browse and read a lot of blogs, but not on a daily basis.  Some days I'm too busy (or tired) to read any.  Other days these bloggers don't post.  My RSS feed is my best friend and allows me to catch up with everyone's site when I finally have time.  

How has my ETSY shop been working out? (You can Visit it Here)
I have sold a couple of prints on my ETSY site, but its not a bustling business by a long shot.  My sales of prints in general comes in spurts, usually one here and there, and then sometimes I don't sell any for months at a time.  The big draw for me is that its easy to maintain and is another inexpensive way for me to get my photos more exposure. 

Do I use a tripod or free hand photos?
Yes and yes.  It depends on the subject, my patience, and lighting.  Lately I haven't been using a tripod.

Would I consider doing a tutorial on HDRs and Textures?  
I'd love to!  I just need to have more free time and the ability to sit still and type something up. Its something that I will do at some point.  Hopefully.  

Thank you to everyone who asked questions or left wonderful comments!  What a wide variety of questions and comments.  I'll definitely open up the floor to more in the future... hint... when I am knee deep in motherhood with a newborn baby and once again don't have the time or strength to post much! 

And of course, you can always email me at  vtcabinfever(at)hotamil(dot)com  too, if you'd like.


Mikayla said...

I know I'm a day late and a dollar short saying this... but I have one ??? I've been wondering about for months. Are you an EMT, intermediate, or Paramedic? Couldn't say why, but I've really been wanting to know.

Mel said...

I could not think of a single thing to ask. So it's good that others were so able to. I like how they were all so different. I enjoyed reading all your answers. I love your blogs, thanks for taking pictures and writing. I'm looking forward to that post on HDR.

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

I've added your question and answer to the post above Mikayla! :)

Elle said...

The Goonies was the best answer ever. Can you Truffle Shuffle?

R. Roushey said...

Great questions and answers! I thought about asking a question and was going to take some time to think about it and never got back to it....I'm so bad. But I'm glad you got a lot of good ones! What a fun post.

Misty Dawn said...

My husband and I still watch The Goonies every time it's on :-) Never Ending Story was one of my faves too!
Hmmm... now I'm trying to guess the name. What's it start with, huh? huh? Is it a common or unique name? LOL
Now that I've read your answers, I've come up with more questions. LOL I'll save them for next time :-)

Smile Steady said...

I love the pictures of your old cabin :)

I always loved The Never Ending Story, too, and I actually watched it with the husband the other day. Brought back some great memories!

I like these Q&A posts... I might have to do one at some point.

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