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Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh My... What to Buy?!

Ok... so I know many of you who read this blog are moms or are further along in pregnancy than I am and I seriously need your advice!  We are going maternity and baby shopping and this is why...

That's quite a bump I'm growing there.  If you look closely my shirt isn't quite covering it entirely either.  So, I am hoping to remedy that this weekend with the purchase of a maternity wardrobe.  That way I can finally wear something other than my pajamas and feel comfortable. 

But...  (and this is where you experienced moms come in)  I really don't know what is essential to buy when you are pregnant.  Plus, my mother is only up for this one weekend to shop with me.  

So, please share your advice to this naive first time momma-to-be...

What clothes will I definitely need?  
Any pregnancy items that are a must have? 
What are the first things you start buying for the baby? 
Anything else I should know?
I've never set foot in a maternity store so I am flying blind with my mother.  Granted she has birthed three daughters, but I know styles and products have changed a lot in the last two decades.  Its going to be an adventure for sure and I can't wait to see what you guys suggest!   


A New England Life said...

It's been a long time since I was pregnant but I just say buy whatever is comfortable! And know that eventually you will grow out of it.

A pair of jeans is a necessity, as are a casual, comfortable tops. Don't forget some comfy pjs as well.

Amy said...

I agree, comfy jeans, and shirts that are a little big on you now, but allow room for growth:)That way, you won't have to buy bigger ones in 2 months! A big one for me was shoes that I could slip into, couldn't tye my own shoes after 6 months:)As for baby stuff, onesies and sleepers(little footed one-piece outfits) are pretty essential for the beginning months. Eat, sleep and poop, that's a baby's life. And burp cloths. And lots of Dreft, to wash the baby's clothes in. Have fun with your mom this weekend, taking my girls shopping today:)

t @ emmons-blessings said...

My "must have" was Victoria Secret poly/spand boyshorts. Some stores carry them, some don't. BUT you can get them online. A little pricey, but take it from me. You don't want your pretties to be cuttin off your circulation, {and they grown with you}. Also, others will swear by Palmer's cocoa butter creme to prevent stretch marks. The smell made me sick, so I couldn't use it. I used Eucerin instead. (BUT, there was no preventing them with how fast I grew.)There are so many fantastic styles out there the main thing is that it's comfy for you. Comfy now, and Comfy 3-4 months down the road might be two different things. Anyway, I'm super excited for you! Have a great time with your mom!

be blessed


Rachel Roushey said...

I have to say that you are lucky that you haven't needed to buy anything yet as the spring/summer maternity clothes are way better than the winter ones (you don't want a big bulky sweater adding any more pounds to your figure). :)

I have found that one of my more important pieces of clothes were long tank tops or long solid undershirts which I could then wear under other shirts/t-shirts that started to get a little short. They usually have elastic going down the side and I think this really helps cover up the fact that you have on maternity pants (so no one sees the elastic waste band and you don't have to worry all day if your belly is popping out of your clothes). This is the tank and long sleeve shirts I have are from Target. - Seamless Ruched Tank, and the long sleeves are - the Liz Lang Maternity Crew Neck Long Sleeve (super comfy). Other than Target and our local Goodwill (which has 1 rack of maternity clothes) I was lucky enough to have my sister and good friend send me their clothes.

Other important thing, try on different styles of pants, some have elastic that sit just under your belly, others have a thinner elastic band that can pull all the way over your belly, some women like this, other hate it....I end up rolling it down or folding it over as I can't stand it on my belly.

Still buy things that are your style. Yes, my "style" has changed a little as I am borrowing other people's clothes, but there were things that I tried on and said I cannot wear this....still be you!

As for baby stuff that I was told was essential...

car seat - I was told not to get the travel system, but to get the infant car seat and a Snap and Go system which you can unfold with one hand and is super light.

bibs, receiving blankets and burp clothes

a boppy and boppy cover

the Chicco hook on chair is a huge space saver and hooks right onto your table (vs. having a big ol high chair or booster seat taking up can also bring it with you when you go to visit friends without kids or to restaurants.

Bouncer, swing and playyard (pack and play)....some pack and plays come with a bassinet, which then saves you from buying a whole other item and is great when you travel or stay over night somewhere.

I know it will be tempting to buy clothes for the little one....but so is everyone....people can't resist buying little will get a ton at your shower!

Rachel Roushey said...

wow....that got really long.... :)

melanie said...

Maternity Wardrobe

1 or 2 pair of jeans, depending on how often you wear them.

1 or more pair of black stretchy pants-After 4 pregnancies, my favorites came from the womens athletic wear area at Walmart. They pass as both pajamas and decent black pants for going out. That and they only cost $11 versus the $30 or so at places like Motherhood maternity. Good for pregnancy AND postpartum. And beyond maybe? lol

Long torso length t-shirts.

Long torso length tanks for summer.

Boyshorts for undies-seriously.

A couple good, supporting bras.

And slip-on shoes, for when tying is just too much of a hassle.

If I were you I would wait to buy shorts for now, unless you find some great stretchy ones that you love. That way when the warm weather hits you can run down and grab some shorts that are big enough and comfy enough. There is nothing like being hot and feeling like a sausage stuffed in a casing.

Really that's it for wardrobe. So long as you get some basic essentials they'll last the whole way through.

Baby Items

First off, lets just say I prefer cloth diapers. They are better for baby and environment and pretty easy these days. If you go that way, start building up a stash now. I like prefolds w/covers when they are small and one size for when they get a bit bigger. If disposables are for you...still start stocking up, it will save you from venturing out when you just don't feel like it. Don't forget the wipes too.

Basic onesies and snap sleepers or nightgowns(first month or two) are all I kept my kids in the first few months. They sleep most of the time and a one piece outfit is just easier until they can sit alone.

Boppies are fabulous

Bibs and burb cloths-will save babies clothes...mostly. Because formula sucks to wash out, especially soy.

socks & hats

steal receiving blankets from the hospital, lol, they are the best! Or if you have morals, unlike my father-in-law, get some flannel ones and wash them like 4 times to get them good, soft, and absorbent. They are fabulous as baby towels for baths. Or burp cloths.

Honestly life is pretty simple with a newborn, they will prefer it easy and so will you.

As far as carseats go, I like a basic Graco infant seat...if you're having a winter baby I would avoid a travel system because it probably won't get that much use. I mean, really, who wants to push a stroller in the snow? If you need, switch to a convertable (they are now recommending backward facing until age 2). Oh and when you get a carseat try to go to a store where they will let you try it out in your car to see if it fits. Not all carseats fit all vehicles the same.

And last but not least a Baby K'tan. Absolutely handy for the first few months when newborns love to be held and you need your hands. Beyond that they are great for walks, in the store, you name it. I feel like baby is more secure than in a traditional carrier and they are easier than Moby wraps. Definitely worth the $60 bucks. And you'll probably need to order it online.

Things I would avoid

Baby bathtubs-the kitchen sink with a towel laid in works great and you don't have to store it.

Bottles-some babies are particular about bottles, so hold off stocking up until baby gets here. Same with pacifiers.

Two-piece, frilly, outfits-you'll be sleep deprived...think simple! lol

Wipe warmer
Diaper Genie

Holy cow, sorry this got so long! Hope you have a great time shopping with your Momma!

melanie said...

Oh and two more things I forgot to mention.

1) Before you buy a big ticket item, like a carseat, read the reviews. The good and the bad, for a few of your most favorite of the item. Don't rely on the store employee to know a lot about it. Some do, most don't.

2) It will be hard to know until baby gets here but when you go to buy clothes, especially onesies, you will see they are not all the same. Some are long in the torso and some are short and wide. My kids always needed the long and lean clothes. By the time they weren't swimming in the wider clothes the length would be too short. I personally prefer Carter's, just for this reason. They always fit really well and are really durable and soft.

3) Ok, last one I promise, be careful about how much Newborn size you buy. Get a few pieces, but invest mostly in 0-3 will last longer.

Misty Dawn said...

I fell in love with and married a man over a decade older than I. So, his kids were teens and pre-teens by the time we got married. I've never had a baby of my own, so I'm going to live vicariously though you. hehehe Hope ya don't mind. LOL

P.S. My BFF has three kids and the Boppies were a MUST HAVE in her opinion!

rebbecca castillo said...

I think in your line of work and with schooling you should definitely invest in a maternity belt to help support the weight of your expanding belly- your back will thank you for it :D You look adorable with a baby bump!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm like you here...I'm pregnant with my 1st (30 weeks today) so I'm not an educated mother...this is just my advice...hope it helps)

I would say that you MUST have some jeans that make your bootie look nice. Later on in your pregnancy you will probably feel fat and miserable...BUT if you have some jeans that make you feel pretty good and are comfortable they will really help!
I would also say that you probably need to get a black dress. I hate to say it, but you never know when someone is going to die. The last thing that you are going to feel like doing is going shopping for a last minute maternity funeral dress.
Also black is very functional, so if you have a special event like a wedding come up you won’t have to search for something to wear.

I love wearing dresses…they are much more comfortable to me…but everyone is different. You will be pregnant though the summer, and dresses are usually pretty cool. I WOULD not wear legs feel huge and I'm extremely pale.

I recommend buying some supportive flat shoes that will go with pretty much anything. You may want to get one black pair and one brown pair. I wouldn’t get the regular flats…just because your feel are probably going to swell and they are going to be sore…so finding something supportive that has cushion would be best.
I wouldn’t buy anything until you have your showers. Now I know that you are going to come across things that you just “have to have”…so strictly buy those things but don’t overdo it. You will be given a lot…and if you receive some things that you don’t like…simply return it for something that you want. Register for EVERYTHING (even bottles, diapers, wipes, nursing pads, lamisol cream etc.) Oh, and some people are more generous than you think…a lot of times people will get together to buy your more expensive items.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...Old Navy's maternity section is the best I've found I LOVE LOVE LOVE their jeans ...JcPenny also has a nice selection

Nolie said...

Must have maternity wear. 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of dress pants for fancy date nights or other occassions requiring them and 3-5 tops. Don't forget bra's and they even have maternity underwear that are super comfy.

Stace said...

I lived in overalls...but I'm probably the my unfashionlike person you'll ever meet. Besides that, definitely a pair of jeans and then whatever you find comfortable. For babies...particularly newborns, I recommend the baby bags, or nightgowns...i don't know what they're called lOL...but they were SO convenient! Every time I put footed sleepers on them when they were little they would always get one foot out and jam it into the other leg and then scream because it was uncomfortable...those nightgowns were awesome...especially the ones with the drawstrings on the just untie them, change them...and then pull it down and pull the string and voila! baby is changed and there was no struggling trying to get the right foot in the right leg of the pjs. Very handy at night when you're only 1/2 awake. The snaps on some of those outfits are like some sort of weird puzzle.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning with the disclaimer that every woman is different, but ...

There is "maternity" EVERYthing! (there was both times I was pregnant, anyhow) I never felt the need for maternity underwear - panties and bras. When your breasts get bigger, just buy nursing bras. I opted for maternity panty hose once and even at 7 months along, they were so huge, I had them tucked into my bra (I'm not kidding) to keep them up and even then, the crotch sagged to my knees.

Some women swear by the slips, but I never felt the need - and some love the belts that help hold up the baby bump.

I'm a swimmer, so I loved having my maternity swimsuit!!! Other women thought I was nuts. I found it on sale, so I thought it was entirely worth the expense. I live in a hot, humid area and I had 2 Summer babies.

I didn't have to dress up too much, so one dressy dress did me fine. Then, a couple pairs of pants, and a number of tops to last the week.

Be careful of what shoes you wear; you could get a backache if you stand up too long in high heels.

For what the baby needs - you can spend a million dollars, but just go with the basics and add as you discover what will make life more convenient. Especially for newborns in the Summer - onesies is all I'd want to wear, so that's all I put my babies in. No socks (the older women fussed at me over that, saying bare feet would give them colic), no shoes. Diapers. A couple sheets and baby blankets (you'll get a lot of those for shower presents). I did appreciate the baby bath, baby wash cloths and towels, and baby-sized nail clippers. Then, some baby bath & shampoo, and rash ointment just in case. I even washed the baby clothes in the same load as ours and they lived to tell the tale!

Congratulations. I'm thrilled for you.

- Sally

Mel said...

Jeans: Comfy ones. My favorite I bought at Motherhood and look like a regular pair of jeans until just below the hips then there is a nylon/spandex piece that goes all the way around and is about 5 or 6 in. tall in back and 10 or 12 in. tall in front. They will fit you now and they will fit when you feel like you are going to pop. As well as after the baby. Also, avoid the ones that have an elastic band that is 4 in or so all the way around. You will put them on now and think they are perfect and so comfortable, but by the end of your pregnancy you will be cursing them. They will squeeze your tummy until it hurts and won't stay up, so you will be pulling them up All. The. Time. But they are nice for the first month or so after. They help suck in the tummy :)
Slip on shoes: You won't be able to reach to tie them pretty soon!

Capris/shorts: Essential since you will be pregnant during the summer. Look for the tops I mentioned for the jeans.

Shirts you feel cute in: There is nothing like a growing stomach to make a woman feel less than pretty. If you don't love it in the store, don't buy it. Only buy ones that make you feel pretty. But make sure they are just a little big or have a lot of stretch, you still have some growing to do.

But a body pillow or a Boppy, sleeping is impossible without it. If you get the Boppy it is also really handy after the baby.

As far as for the baby, I love my bouncy seat! I can use it when they are just born until they start to roll. Mine has little buttons under the feet so once they learn to kick, they push the buttons with their feet and it makes music play and lights go on a bar that is in front of them. Also nice when they want to be right by you because it is more portable than a swing.

A baby gym: Get one you can hang different toys from and buy the links that you can change out. Then they can always have different toys and never get bored. Also, they are very portable.

Nursing cover(if you plan on breastfeeding): has really cute ones. I wasn't able to breast feed, but my friends that were swear by them.

If you plan on a bottle, buy a couple different ones, but just one or two of each. You never know what kind you baby will prefer/need. Don't stock up until you know what kind he/she likes/needs.

Some Carter's sleepers! Make that lots of them. Not to be biased or anything, but Carter's really are the best. They start soft and stay soft even after lots of washing. And not to mention they are sooooo cute!

A lot of people will tell you you need to buy the Dreft laundry detergent, but you don't. I buy the perfume/dye free Tide or All and it works great. It's a lot less expensive, but still easy on there newborn skin. My pediatrician recommended this.

Cloth diapers for burp rags. They may not be the cutest, but they absorb like nothing else. And when your just at home, who cares what it looks like, you just want something that will get the job done. Save the cute ones for when you go places.

Flannel blankets and burp rags. The blankets are the best for swaddling and the flannel burp rags are more absorbant than any other cute kind.

But the absolutley most important thing is to just enjoy it. Don't let yourself get stressed out by everything everyone says you have to have. Or what you should or shouldn't do. Everyone has an opinion, and I'm sure you will to. The most important thing to remember is that you will only have your first child once. And there is nothing more amazing, overwhelming, stressful, joyful, miraculous, and life changing than that. Savor every moment of your pregnancy, it will be over before you know it! And then time just continues to fly! And it gets even more amazing, overwhelming, stressful, joyful, miraculous everyday!

Wow I didn't mean to write a novel, sorry about that! Good luck with your shopping, and have fun!

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Your baby bump is the cutest!

Rosanne said...

You've gotten a lot of good advice.

Maternity clothes- go with anything comfortable. Slip on shoes/flats will become a must have later on in your pregancy.

Baby items-undershirts that have the fold at the shoulders so they slip on over baby's head easier. Also some long sleeved ones with the fold-over for the hands(otherwise little one may scratch his face too much)

Aden and Anais swaddle wraps! These come in a four pack at Target. They are much larger than regular receiving blankets. They are also lightweight cotton weave/breathable fabric. Great for summer! My daughter swears by them!
Buy the best/safest carseat you can find. Enjoy shopping with your mom! :)

Brandi said...

I'm 37w1d...and I only stepped foot in 1 maternity store this whole time. I'm not a huge fan of maternity stores as a whole :) Mostly I ordered online from Old Navy maternity using coupon codes and

Granted, I was pregnant during different seasons than you, but I bought a couple of solid colored shirts, a couple of flowy wrap/cardigans, a couple of jeans, a couple of dark dress pants and leggings and have made it good so far! I tried to not buy too many clothes (which of course means I'm sick of my wardrobe right now!) just because you only wear them for such a short time. Stick to the basics and you'll be good to go.

As for buying stuff for baby, we didn't really buy much. Luckily our friends and family were so generous at our shower. When babies are born they need some love, diapers, some clothes and a place to sleep (and a car seat to bring them home!).

Also - even if you plan to breastfeed, might be a good idea to sign up for coupons and such on formula sites. I recently started to get tons of samples and coupons in the mail.

PS - I think you look so adorable!

t@emmons-blessings said...

"They GROW with you", not grown! However, I was probably "groaning" at the thought of being uncomfortable with uncomfie undies. LOL

Amanda said...

You'll need a couple of pairs of jeans and some comfortable shirts. Make sure the shirts are long because it's annoying at the end of your pregnancy when all of your shirts are too short. You can keep your regular panties for now, buy you will need maternity panties when you leave the hospital. Happy shopping!

Joslinda said...

The thing I learned, just in time for my grand children, is to stock up on:
* Gas Drops ~ Seems, the first night home from the hospital; babies were battling the Gas Bubble.
* Extra bottles are a must ~ I think even if you are nursing. You can always pump into a bottle, this will help during the days; where sleep over comes you. And there will be a point that your body tells you ~ enough. Having a bottle of breast milk {if your nursing} for the hubby or either parents to feed the baby with is going to be a big help.
* Don't forget about YOU ~ That's just as important {and more at times} Pick up nursing pads {nothing like a wet shirt out in public when your baby cries}. There are reusable ones, and ones you toss; invest in both.
Extra feminine products. You will need them, and you tend to forget that after 9 months of no friend.
* Hubby ~ get with his friends and your friends. Plan a dinner for two. Doesn't have to be away from the baby, but right there in your own home. Just make sure to take time for the two of you. Your days will run together {both of yours} and time for each other seems to come in dead last. When things get settled, take time out for you both to catch up.

** Enjoy it. Every second of it. Capture each and very moment. Before you know it, they are gone.

Kristin said...

I was going to weigh in, but it looks like I don't have to! :-) Great advice you got. I'm currently lounging in my favorite jeans from Motherhood with the full belly panel (I could never do the under belly elastic comfortably and make them stay up), and a $3 maternity tee I grabbed off a JCPenney clearance rack. Almost all my maternity shirts come from Penney's clearance rack, and they're great!

Fire Wife Katie said...

Cute picture! :) Looks like you got some great advice! I second the full belly panel vs. the under belly elastic. Those under belly elastic pants always just slid off me, or else pinched uncomfortably. The full belly panels were the only ones to stay in place and be somewhat comfortable.

Really -- anything thin, stretchy, and long is your friend. I found the "business casual" pants that are silky black material with a simple elastic band that stretches a lot to be my favorite maternity pants. And they weren't even "maternity." They're nice for that awkward time after the baby comes when you still feel 5 months pregnant, too.

Good luck, and have fun!! I'm so excited for you!

Smile Steady said...

Oh my goodness! Look at your bump!

I have no maternity clothing advice (obviously), but I just had to comment on how completely adorable you look right now!

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