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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Most Productive Day Ever

Do you ever just have one of those days where you are on a roll and you feel like a superstar who can accomplish anything? Well, yesterday I had one of those days and it was uncanny the amount of stuff I was able to accomplish.  Heck, I wasn't even at home.  While my partner slept through a boring, call-less day at the station I was busy as could be doing things like this:

No, I wasn't out traversing snow covered fields away from the station.  The fields are actually muddy and brown, about as unphotogenic as they could possibly be now.  Rather I was parked at my computer editing mounds and mounds of photos that have been looming on my hard drive like little gremlins haunting me.  They are now all sorted, edited, resized, and finished.  Phew.  Done.  Now its time to take more!

You can view ALL my photos on my photo website 
And all my latest photos are also on my facebook page!

Not only that, but I finished two nursing school assignments early. (gasp).  Took care of some EMS related business dealing with getting licensed in New Hampshire.  Why must I have a Vermont, National, and NH EMS card to work and why must each one have different requirements?  Ugh...   

Oh, and I worked on a impromptu photo session that I held a week ago with a friend in her living room after we ate lunch together.  Lets just say they turned out amazing and make me swell with happiness every time I see them.  I swear being pregnant has nothing to do with it, but it might help.

Nothing like a little impromptu-ness, whether its a photo shoot or unexpected day of accomplishment (or both!) to make you smile and feel right in the world. Hopefully your day will be like that, too!


kneesandpaws said...

Great post! You photography is amazing too. This inspires me to get moving on my projects. What a great feeling to be on the top of your workload:)

Misty Dawn said...

As I said earlier... your mood is contagious! I visit here first thing every morning, because you make me smile and get my day started right :-) Thanks for that!

Rosanne said... sure got a lot accomplished in one day! I'm telling you-second trimester-you feel like superwoman! I LOVE your photos! :)

MarieElizabeth said...

Wow - you did have a fantastic day! Sounds like all kinds of goodness happening up there.

Mel said...

I love days like that. They don't happen very often, actually today was the exact opposite of productive, I got the dishes done, but that's it! I'm glad yours was more successful. Second trimester energy is amazing!

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