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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Found Them - EMS Maternity Pants

After weeks of searching and with frustration that was growing almost as fast as my belly I finally stumbled on the Holy Grail of maternity clothing, pants perfect for an EMT carrying a growing babe in her belly. I didn't find them through any of the traditional EMS clothing, but rather a store I used to swear I'd never buy clothing from. Wal Mart.

I've had a disdain for Wal Mart for years; for its crowded aisles, cheap products, and overall shady business practices. Despite all of that the store has now become my professional savior when I discovered these maternity cargo pants. 

Why these pants are so great:
The fit is amazing.  They seriously are probably the most comfortable pants I have ever worn.  The elastic band that is snug enough so I won't have to worry about my pants falling down, but never once irritated my ever expanding belly.  Around the legs and butt aren't too tight so I can easily maneuver should I need to on an ambulance call.  All the crouching, climbing, and unusual positions this jobs affords me means I need some seriously non-constricting pants.  Oh, and the best part is they are only $18 and Wal Mart charges just 97 cents for shipping.  Cheap? Comfortable? Professional?  Absolutely!

Before I had these pants I was honestly feeling like I would have to either find a taylor or not be able to work as long as I wanted because of a lack of an appropriate uniform option.  I mean, I couldn't just work all day with my pants unzipped!  Now I feel like I could go right up to mid-September without skipping a beat.  Hey, never say I'm not an optimist. 


Joslinda said...

Yay. Happy to hear. When i have to order something from Wal Mart, I use their Site to Store; pay for the product on line and have it shipped to one of their stores {one closest to me} for free. Glad you were able to find something comfortable... Nothing is better then being able to wear pants {while pregnant}, and keep them zippered.. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I graduated from Nursing School in 1971
Celebrating 40 years this year!
Do I have experience? I should say so!

Good Luck to you.

Pamela RN BSN

Rachel Roushey said...

So glad you found a pair of pants that work! That belly won't stop growing you know!

Beth said...

Finding maternity pants that you love really is like finding the holy grail! Good hunting.

Mel said...

Comfy maternity pants are priceless! I am willing to spend moe on those than regular ones. So yeah for you on finding some for less! And they are even cute!

Nolie said...

YAY! So glad you found them. Must be a relief in both comfort and worry.

Simple Life Journey said...

Adorable find and at such a great price! Dressing for pregnancy is hard because your body keeps changing! Wait until after, sadly you find out your body keeps changing for the rest of your life. And it isn't in a good way. :(

Anonymous said...

Soooo.... do you have a link to these pants?

James Morgan said...

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Sibelove52302 said...

too bad they don't sell them anymore.

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