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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Dog? Bad Dog? Its Just Too Easy.

I was only gone for an hour.  The dogs had been blessed with the opportunity to stay upstairs, out of their crates, in the living room.  That is a big deal for the little terrors, but they had been well behaved lately and I was in a good mood... until I returned home that is.

This is what I found on one of the couches in the living room...

Yup, that's what you think it is.  Pee.  On my couch.  That's one of the best ways to put me in a bad mood.  

Now which of our two darling dogs committed this act of defiance on my furniture?

I don't think it was this one, whom barely budges when I mutter obscenities and curse myself for leaving the butt-heads out of their crates while I was gone.  

So where's my other dog...? The beagle is missing. 

Ah ha....  there she is.

Yeah, I think you're the guilty culprit missy.  Nice try. 

Guess who gets to be in the crate next time? 


T Lee said...

my money is on the beagle, too!! i wouldn't dare leave my 15 week old terror in the house while I am gone!! It's either the backyard or the crate and he is good with either one! lucky for him! ;)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Amazing how they give themselves away by hiding when you give them that "look" or even by the tone of your voice..... What makes me more nervous is when my dog acts guilty and I can't find anything wrong. Yeah, I'll probably find a big surprise in the basement behind the furnace someday if I ever move.

Misty Dawn said...

Ruh roh... someone's in trouble.
I think we have the same couch as your couch that got peed on.

Rosanne said...

She sure looks guilty to me. :)

Alida said...

she does look mighty guilty!!

Patty H. said...

Aw, what a couple of cuties! I have a beagle and a lab also....I'm betting it was the beagle.

I just came across you site - - very nice. I'll be back because I love dogs, photography, and I just made reservations for a long weekend in Vermont, so I'll be snoopin' around!

Melina said...

makes me think of the guilty dog video that went viral a few weeks ago! so cute!


Sue said...

Came across your site and have been reading today. Love this post and love the guilty party's face :)

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