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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Following Directions

People never read signs.  And heck, when you do read signs it always seems like more of a suggestion we can defy rather than legitimate advice.

Just three sheets of paper at a time?  That doesn't seem like a lot.  I bet I can fit more than three in there.  What about ten?  Lets try ten.

That's the mental processing that goes through one's head when disregarding a friendly, smiley face laden warning. Obviously we are not meant to learn from others mistakes....

And the result of ignoring such a message is a good twenty solid minutes of battle with the shredder while wielding a letter opener.

In the end we were victorious.  And being the smart EMTs that we are we decided a more direct warning might be more effective, because really the shredder can't handle more than THREE pieces of paper.  Ever.  No matter who you are. 

Hopefully that exclamation point is more effective than the smiley face for the next guy.


Rachel Roushey said...

This seems to be a universal human problem. No one thinks that the sign applies to them...or maybe they just want to prove the sign wrong. I hope your ! will work better than the :).

Jim said...

fun fact, thats my hand... yeah

Sandy said...

We have that happen all the time at work, only our problem is that people keep trying to add more paper after the bag is full, making it look like the shredder has thrown up on itself!

MarieElizabeth said...


Joslinda said...

So true to form. Why is it, the simplest of directions are the hardest to follow? No one takes the time to read that is right in front of their faces.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I just happened upon your blog and OMG hysterical. I just got a new shredder that can take 12 sheets and even though the guy said - Oh it can take more. No, just no. hahahaha. Love it. Now I feed it 12.

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