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Monday, April 4, 2011


The "huge" storm the other day was a complete and utter dud.  Instead of a winter wonderland on the first day of April I woke up to the sweet pitter-patter of rain and big, sloppy, wet, and melting snow flakes.  The fallacy of the forecast causes me no dismay.  I'll gladly watch the snow continue to melt.

However, as wonderful as the first signs of true spring and snow melt are they also herald in one of the most pain in the ass seasons ever, especially in my line of work.   You probably know what I am referring to...

Mud Season.

Let me tell you... there are places that an ambulance goes that  you can't even imagine exist.  Dirt roads off a dirt roads.  Places where even locals give up and park their cars at the bottom of hills and trek to their homesteads.  Pregnant EMT Jen doesn't like to walk carrying arm loads of equipment up muddy hills  to reach patients (heck, unpregnant EMT Jen doesn't enjoy that either) so the ambulance traverses the untraversable.  

Even if it means getting half way up a muddy and icy hill, getting stuck, having to connect a chain to the ambulance, and pulling it the rest of the way up by a truck just to reach a patient's house.  True story. 

EMS = More dedicated than the postal service. 


melanie said...

Definitely more dedicated. My mail lady refuses to deliver our mail if there is even a coating of snow on the steps.

kittyhere said...

Great post today. My childhood was spent living on dirt roads that turned to mud.

My Mom, now 80 & needing the services of EMTs every so often, lives in one of those spots that is not so easy to get to during mud season. So I understand both sides of your post. --Oh, don't worry, she is in the NE Kingdom, not your current location.

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

I still work for two services up in the NEK once every week or so. Its possible I may visit her or have visited her in the past. I've been an EMT between St. J and Canada since 2003 :)

MarieElizabeth said...

I agree - I never met an EMT that wasn't completely dedicated.

Anonymous said...

What you need is a good ridding mule for the mud times/
Have a fun day! - Bill

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