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Monday, April 25, 2011

Busy and Brightening Up... via Camera Phone

It seems the last week I have been inside a hurricane.  There has been no time for anything I enjoy besides a couple of moments reading a book I am slowly progressing through late at night.  The rest of my time has been spent studying, completing busy work, finish end-of-the-semester papers, driving too and from clinicals, work, and wrangling myself a nursing job. 

Yes, there has been some ground made on that front, but more on that later.  

While I've been as busy as can be, watching the snow melt, and driving hither and yond early hours in the morning I've partaken in some beautiful landscapes that make me want to drop everything and go all willy-nilly with my camera.  Alas, I've had no time, and, more annoyingly, I've forgotten to even have my camera with me at all for the past week. 

In lieu of my camera I've at least snapped a couple photos on my iPhone that I thought I'd share, because now that the snow is melting the world seems to be becoming a lot more photogenic.

It seems I'm never too busy to some how, some way, take a photo.
That's a good thing. 

And I cannot wait to dedicate some time with my real camera.
Its going to happen very soon!


Monica said...

These are gorgeous!

Hopefully in the coming days you'll find more time for yourself :]

Samantha said...

iPhone or not, those are gorgeous photos!

Misty Dawn said...

Saturday morning, we were moving cattle from one pasture to another. Hubs was supposed to call me when he was ready for me to come help. He called, and I headed down the road. A female turkey was walking through a ditch, and I had an argument with myself... "No time to stop Misty, you've got to get down there and help with the cattle." "ummmmm well..." "Misty, there's no time!" "Yeah, well, how long can just a couple photos take?" as I pulled the camera to my eye. hehehe

Rosanne said...

Wow! Those are some beautiful photos! It's hard to believe they were taken with your iPhone! said...

Wowza..... These are with a phone camera. My little razor is sooo outdated. I just love the red barn in that gorgeous country and the tree too, well heck all of these are really awesome. Hope you find more time for yourself soon.

peace n abundance,

MarieElizabeth said...

These are wonderful. When I had to detour through small towns to get home yesturday I did get a few bonus photos for my trouble. Of course they are all in the rain, but I'm starting to ignore that factor!

Rachel Roushey said...

I love the photo with the tree. Just beautiful.

A New England Life said...

You've always got something going on!

Is your iphone a 3gs or 4? Great photos!!!

Hanah said...

Oh my gosh, they're all stunningly gorgeous!! What the heck kind of a camera phone do you have? I want it!! :D ha

Fire Wife Katie said...

I'm continually jealous of the beauty that surrounds you!! Beautiful shots, especially for a cell phone. Well done!

Melina said...

stunning!! Gorgeous!! I AM SO HOMESICK FOR VERMONT NOW!!


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