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Saturday, April 30, 2011

All of my Friends are Pregnant

I am officially HALFWAY through my pregnancy.  

Yes, 20 weeks today.

It is going by so slow.  Seriously. 

But my little peanut is moving around a lot now. 

I love it.

PS. Her nickname is not officially peanut.
Nothing has stuck, but it sounded good this morning.

Earlier I mentioned how everyone and anyone is pregnant this spring and summer.  Its really true.  Even a lot of my blogging friends are expecting.  Heck, some of us are due the same week!  Its very exciting and its going to make for some very full kindergartens in a few years.

So, because so many of my friends are pregnant some are having babies right about now.  Its exciting.  I am loving the texts updating me of their cervix's status and contractions.  (Yes, I know I am completely weird.).  Just the other day one of my best friends gave birth to a beautiful baby boy after hours of texting her labor status back and forth and yesterday I got to meet the squishy, little, three day old fella.  Of course I brought my camera.

Isn't he amazing?  It makes my belly ache just looking at him.  In fact, I held him for a while on my belly while he slept.  His little feet were pushing into my stomach and my little baby was pushing right back against his feet from the inside.  She's staking an early claim in her mother's belly  from the inside apparently!

Hearing her stories of labor, delivery, and trials of the first night home from the hospital was very "real", to say the least.  Such descriptions blow all those television shows out of the water.  But best of all, it was incredible to hold such a tiny baby in my arms and imagine in just a few months my little girl will be here.  Never before that moment have I wanted to meet her so badly. 

Soon enough, as my dad says.

Oh, and in case you are wondering about how I took that photo...  
It was done simply with a blanket on her couch in the living room.  The editing, camera settings, and other details will be hammered out for a post in my photography blog (hopefully later today). 


~A said...

I love the nickname Peanut!

When my friend Tia was pregnant, they called the baby "Bug" because for the longest time, Tia didn't know that she was pregnant and kept telling everyone that her morning sickness was just a bug!

Babies are so exciting! And I agree with your dad... soon enough! It'll come faster than you imagine.

Smile Steady said...

You think it's going slowly? I don't! I can't believe you're already half-way finished!!!

And those cheeks! Those lips! That baby would have been smothered with kisses in a matter of seconds if I'd been there! :)

msam said...

Not ALL of your friends! I assure you that.

NickyG said...

When my first baby was born she slithered out, kicking like a swimmer- seriously- but it was absolutely as if I'd known her for ever. It was "Hello, I know you, here we are again, how lovely to see you." So, so precious.

Kristin said...

All of mine are pregnant, too. LOL must have been breeding season! :-) And my belly son (known officially as 2.0) totally kicks his big brother when we're cuddling. And if you think the first 20 weeks have gone slow, wait until the last three. FOREVER!

A New England Life said...

I knew a bunch of women who were pregnant the same time as me also. Afterwards I stayed in touch with several of the ladies from our lamaze group too. We met up once a month and I so loved those get togethers. Anything to be able to talk to someone else when the kids were sick or I was lonely.

Rosanne said...

There's nothing more beautiful than a squishy newborn baby! I can't wait to see yours! :)

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