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Friday, April 15, 2011

About to get my NCLEX on.

Is it really that time?  

Am I really going to be done nursing school in just three weeks?!  

Why, yes. Yes I am!

*giddy squeal*

God, I am so excited to have a life again.  Just in time to welcome a new life into the world.  Funny how that works, isn't it?


Graduation is all but sealed, even if I bomb my final exam, so with that said I am now getting into full blown NCLEX mode.  I haven't scheduled my test date yet, but hope to within the next couple of weeks.  So, before my baby brain encompasses me completely I have gone on a shopping spree for study guides rather than maternity clothes, much to my chagrin depending on the moment. 

Honestly, I'm a giant nerd.

Seeing this two books, freshly pressed and wrapped in plastic, gives me goosebumps.  The unknown of the pages makes me swell with excitement and anticipation and I can't wait to break into them as soon as I finish one last large assignment this weekend.  

There is officially something wrong with me. 

But I'm okay with that, because these books aren't cheap.  The pair cost almost $100, which makes me cringe thinking about all the maternity outfits I could have bought for the same price.  This is a much better investment, though, and I'll wear the same darned pair of jeans everyday if need be to get my money's worth of these books. 


Glyndalyn said...

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation. You can pass the NCLEX, no problem.

Wifeish said...

Good luck girl! I am currently cramming for my medical coding exam and it is rather daunting. There are so many things I would rather do than study...congrats on passing nursing school and your bun in the oven.

Regan said...

I hope the studying is going well. It'll all be over before you know it! :) I can't wait to graduate in December. I'm currently looking for a job, but it's hard work!!! I just keep plugging along and it'll happen sooner or later.

MarieElizabeth said...

Congrats on getting through all this! Those books will be very helpful, I'm sure.

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Thanks Guys!

And Regan, good luck with the job search! Around here I've sent out no less than 8 applications and so far I've been turned down by the 3 I've heard back from stating that I am not qualified or what they are looking for due to lack of experience. No one wants a new graduate RN! :( I really hope you are lucky to find a spot who does.

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