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Thursday, March 3, 2011

There are Just too Many Causes

I have reached a milestone.  A scary, life-altering, milestone that will have me running to the hair care aisle of the grocery store.  That's right.  I found my first gray hair.  

Not just gray, but bright white and glaring at me in the mirror as if to scream "you're getting old!"

"I'm only 25!"  I screamed back.  I am too young for gray hair!

And then promptly yanked it out.

There's too much going on in my life to pinpoint the cause. I can't help but place some of the blame on the  little monster or muffin (depends on my mood what I call it) growing inside me.  Perhaps its sucking the color right out of my hair.  Or maybe its the four days a week spent in class with the other three days where I'm buried in nursing texts and notes.  Then there is always the roller coaster of emotions in my job where I am doing CPR one minute and carrying on pleasant conversations with strangers I just met the next that might be to blame.  

Lord knows.

But one thing is for sure, I am just plain too young for such nonsense. 

And I wouldn't mind gray hairs as much if I knew I could have an amazing style and class like Meryl Streep with such a color.  Yeah right.  I can barely contain my hair now, let alone pull off a classy gray-haired look. Seriously, When it comes to hairstyling I am lacking in the department almost entirely.  Stylist? Ugh.. I don't even have one.  You'd think I still lived in the middle of nowhere where no such service existed.  I'm still pretending. 

Let's just hope this one hair was a fluke.... 


kittyhere said...

It is amazing how those very first "gray" hairs look white. I joked at the beginning that mine were like Christmas tree tinsel because they sparkled if the light caught them just right.

I had the chance to see Meryl Streep as Meryl Streep in person about 6-10 years ago due to my husband's job. She truly is not as striking in her real life as on camera. I was most surprised.

Connie said...

I found my first gray hair when I was 23. Probably because I had already been working as a police dispatcher for four years. Now I blame the gray on my husband and kids!
I always said I would go gray gracefully. Problem is my hair didn't listen. It is not a pretty gray so I have been "on the bottle" for over 12 years. Getting tired of doing it but if I don't my hair looks awful :(

SharleneT said...

OMG! Not even a few weeks into the pregnancy and already blaming the little innocent for your wild ways. (My mother blamed all gray hairs on wild living -- You have a great time; you get a gray hair!) This phenomenom will continue until...

Regan said...

Pregnancy hormones - gotta love 'em.

I have blonde hair and thankfully only a few (I think?) gray hairs just above my bangs. I ask my husband. Smartly, he tells me he can't see them. So, I don't worry too much about them. :)

SouthernSass said...

I used to pluck those suckers out too! :)

I have a neighbor that is in her 60s and does not color her hair and has no gray.

Kerri said...

I was about your age when I found my first... it was as thick as my pinkie finger and sticking straight up from my part. I always said I wouldn't mind the grey - I am a complete hypocrite! I freaked out and yanked it and laid the lifeless nasty on a tissue in my bathroom closet so I could inspect it later. I kept it for a week! Studying periodically under a bright light... like somehow I was mistaken on its hue. I know it didn't grow 3 inches over night, so why didn't my girls tell me about it?! That and my cheek hair... where are my sisters!? Anyway, I didn't get another until I was in my thirties, so I believe that first grey hair was much like the golden spruce of my scalp. Thanks for the giggle!

msam said...

The reason you are bored with your hair is because you refuse to take any risks. Let's have a flashback to the day I did your make-up. You NEED to have color for it to show up in photography and you wiped it all off..... smh

Mel said...

I also got my first grey hair when I was pregnant the first time. Now that I am pregnant with my fourth I can't even count them let alone pull them all. So I do what any self respecting 20 something woman would do. I color it! Then there is the other side of me that say "I earned those I shouldn't cover them up!" But in all reality the first me is the one that wins every time. If it makes you feel any better I was only 22 when I got my first one. It really was good timing, I was in beauty school at the time. And there is nothing like showing up to school freaking out that there is a grey hair poking out the top of your head to motivate would be colorists. Needless to say I solved the problem that day.

Kristin said...

I, too, got my first gray hair while pregnant. So now I find MORE of them during this second pregnancy. If I keep yanking them out, I'll have no hair left.

Smile Steady said...

I was 22 when I found my first. Four years later they're still coming. That's why hair dye was invented! :)

Christina said...

She does have such great style!

I am new around here and reading this lets me know that I am going to fit right in. Though the sad part is I do have a stylist and yet my hair is still doing what it does, hanging out, most of the time.

Maybe some day I'll have it all together and rock the perfect look but I'm not holding my breathe. I am hoping that my red locks won't turn gray but a classy shade of white. Here's to hoping!

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