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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Lot, But Not Too Much

4I have just completed one of the longest work weeks I've had in, well, since I can remember.  Somehow I managed to squeeze four days of nursing school classes and seventy two... yes 72... hours of ambulance work into one single week. 

This sight has consumed me lately, but despite the incredible amount of time I've been kept away from home and my husband I have still enjoyed it.  All I can do is flash back to a couple months ago where I was working nights, 11-7, and attending school at the same time.  Where I tried and tried to sleep during the day only to stay alone and awake all night.  Every night at the station at 9:30pm when I am making my bunk at the station I give thanks that I am going to bed rather than just waking up.  I don't even mind going on the occasional call at 3am.  Its worth it.  I am happy. 

Although, I will admit seventy two hours is a bit much.  

But I am not asking you to chastise me for my work ethic. 

Frankly, I immensely enjoy my job and it doesn't seem like work.  

Why did I ever leave EMS in the first place to become a nurse? 

Well, if only EMTs were paid a respectable wage... but that's another topic. 

In the mean time I now face an entire week of vacation from school and only a fraction of the work hours I had this past week.  Down time?  Seriously?  I am excited to see what I get into this week...

Oh, and before I forget.
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Misty Dawn said...

Can't wait to see the photographs you get during your down time :-D

I have a "photo texture project" I want to do, but I have no clue how to do textures. I was going to ask for your advice/help, but know how busy you are. Hmmm, now that you have a little bit of down time, I might e-mail ya.

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

That's a super long week! Hope you enjoy some down time:)

laraine said...

That is a lot of work!!. you said - when its something you enjoy so much it doesn't seem like 'work'. Its great that you found a job you love so much.

I'm so excited about the Maple syrup - you have no idea. We can't get that out here in Vegas. I'm making my best waffles as soon as I get it. You'll get pics :-).

I'll send an e-mail in a little while - THANKS!!!

Amy said...

Good lord, honey child! Get some much-needed rest this week:)

Theres just life said...

I use to work schedules like that myself, back when I was young and indistructable. Now I get tired even thinking about it.
Enjoy your down? time, or at least down from school time. I have a feeling it will be jammed pack with other things.

Pamela JO

Rachel Roushey said...

I'm glad you'll have some down time after such a busy week! But somehow I'm sure you'll find something to fill that time with!

24atheart said...

You do need rest! :) BTW, I'd love for you to accept this award. Check it out at to receive. Love your blog!

Jim said...

I took that picture with my phone. Nbd.

SharleneT said...

So glad you enjoy doing what you're doing - makes all the difference in the world for a good night's sleep. And, you're an medically-educated EMS, that's gravy on their train. Come visit when you can.

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