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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Its Amazing I Don't Have Diabetes... A List of Tid-Bits

1.  This is how much sugar I use when I eat cream of wheat.  Until I had to open over twelve individual sugar packets I never realized just how much sugar I really add.  Holy pancreas batman. 

2. I am currently reading four different novels and none of them particularly have me hooked.  What a bummer.

3. My resume has gone out to three different hospitals in hopes of obtaining a real RN job before I enter my third trimester.  I'm hoping my belly stays small enough not to scare off my potential employers.

4.  Its going to snow tomorrow.  A foot.  I'm not kidding. 

5.  I can feel the baby move!  Its like a cell phone vibrating in my stomach. 

6.  My mother is coming this weekend all the way from Maryland.  We are going to go on a mother-daughter-first grandbaby shopping spree! I don't think I could be more excited.

7.  Its really going to snow a foot tomorrow.

8. My spaghetti addiction continues.  Its mildly out of control.  By mildly, I mean I eat it almost every single night and refuse to admit that I have a problem. 

9.  I am addicted to the app "Tiny Wings".  For some reason I find it completely relaxing.

10.  I cannot believe it is actually going to snow a foot tomorrow.  Seriously...

11.  Next week I have to go to a nursing conference for school and network with complete strangers as an assignment.  I hate networking even more than I hate walking up and talking to strangers.. unless you call 911.  Then I don't have a problem with it.

12.  I don't always make sense. 

13.  See, I wasn't kidding about the snow.


momma2ave&syd said...

I'm the same as #2...4 novels none have me running back to them! Need another I think!!! :)

Amy said...

I love when my mother comes to visit!! Glad that snow is staying up your way:)the spaghetti addiction, good luck with that. I craved Snickers with one of my 3 kiddos. That was NOT good:)

SharleneT said...

Try to cut back, one envelope at a time, or switch to oatmeal or grits! I've become addicted to syncing my laptop, Kindle, and phone to my latest book, so I can read it anywhere! When I was pregnant with my first, I HAD to have pasta every day for lunch. Don't know what that means. Lack of carbs? I don't know, but I had to have it.

Keeping my fingers crossed you hear from a hospital, soon. Come visit when you can. Enjoy your day with your Mom.

Rosanne said...

Yikes. That's a lot of sugar! Be careful with those carbs. I craved carbs with my first pregnancy...and gained way too much weight.
How exciting that you're feeling the baby move!!! :)

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Oh, I'm sorry about your incoming snow...
Hopefully all will be clear for your shopping trip with mom?)

kittyhere said...

I grew up having maple syrup in my cream of wheat. And oatmeal just doesn't taste right without maple syrup either. Yum.

As a nurse I know you know that all that sugar is not what makes a person diabetic. Enjoy the carbs if you can while you are young. And you dropped a few pounds pre-pregnancy -- so feed that growing baby. I hope you don't have any more fainting spells.

Unfortunately at just past 51 I am into that diabetic diagnosis (yes overweight & with a family history on both sides.)

Thanks for the snow fall map. I'm only in an 8.5 inch region.

Hope your Mom gets up to your place without difficulty because of the storm. And shop 'til you drop! said...

Enjoy your time with your mom - that sounds like so much fun. Hope the snow doesn't hinder your plans, but you're probably accustomed to it.
Loved reading that you can feel the baby move. That was always such a special time for me.

Rachel Roushey said...

Love your list of's so funny that you love spagetti right now...I could not handle tomato sauce of almost any kind, it just wasn't appealing for me during my first and second trimester...I'm getting better now though!

I'm so happy you can feel your baby moving!

And I'm sorry you're getting another foot of snow. It snowed here today...and we're getting more on Saturday night and Sunday.

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