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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It Wasn't Just Johnny and Roy

There is nothing funnier and more nostalgic than finding old textbooks, especially old medical textbooks.  Flipping through the yellowed and dog eared pages is like a dive back in time, to a generation before mine.  That's like the 1970s and early 80s in case you were wondering.

The hairstyles, mustaches, and outdated science that filled this two hundred page book doesn't compare to the twelve hundred page monstrosity that paramedics must learn from today, but before I was born it was how and what paramedics were taught.  Simple, step by step instructions to prepare them for every call.

And the steps weren't just simple, there were some about style.  One style in particular that every EMT under the sun, even in today's generation, knows and tries to reenact.  Not only was this move a trademark on the show Emergency!, but an honest to God paramedic technique to flip off the caps to your drugs like the EMS cowboys did on TV.  It was step for in the sequence for drug administration that medics were evaluated on.

Complete with downward arrows for effect! Paramedics were even evaluated on this critical step, with a check sheet found on the next page for partner evaluation.  And for the record I totally had a chance to do this maneuver yesterday and failed.  Only one popped off.  Guess I need to go back to the book and practice step four. 


Rosanne said...

Funny, funny stuff! I remember watching Emergency! Hadn't thought about that show in years. Sounds like you've got some practicing to do if you want to be on TV! :) said...

That is funny; old books can be SO interesting! I love to look at old yearbooks at the hairstyles and clothing.


Regan said...

I was doing taxes at a local office for a few years for one of those large, national firms (you know the ones where you get your refund yesterday - assuming you qualify for a loan), and I found this OLD OLD book about taxes. I happened upon the book while I was organizing a book sale for a fundraiser at my full-time job. The book was so funny. I must have been from the 50's or 60's. It was explaining the simplest math concepts and then throwing some taxes in on top of that. I found it fascinating. I still have it.

Geoff said...

Thanks for the pic! I was doing some related research and had to click on it...awesome! Oh and about 5 years into being a medic somebody saw me do that and asked laughing where I learned that trick...I was dumbfounded and had to say, I don't know...that's just how its done!

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