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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Tickets to the Gun Show

You can take the kids out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the kids and this proves it...

The other day Shawn and I went to a gun show together.  It was my first experience with so many fire arms, flannel, veterans, and beards in one place.  To my surprise it was actually a great time due to my intrigue in this fringe of society, the abundance of people watching, bizarre items, and a couple of fellow firefighter friends who showed up to explore the exhibit with us.

There were guns everywhere.  
Guns on tables, guns on shelves, guns in boxes, and guns in people's hands.

Need an assault rifle?  There were dozens to choose from. 

Hatchets, knives, and other various hand held weapons lined the tables.  I didn't even know what most of these were for.  The skinny fire-poker looking thing in the middle reminded me of an old whaling spear from the times of Moby Dick. 

Then there were interesting historical pieces, like this "accident box".  It was empty inside, but I still wanted it just to have.  It didn't have a price tag so I didn't inquire, because exhibit people can be quite pushy.  I was pressured to buy everything from beef jerky and coyote pelts to pistols and NRA memberships.

The best part were the unusual beliefs touted by the exhibitors and patrons.  I am neither grossly left or right winged and take great amusement in the extremes of both sides.  If you have been sheltered from the conservative extremist views you'll get a kick out of many of these stickers. 

There were also a few classy t-shirts for sale there, even for women.  Shawn joked that if I was having twins I should get the "This Pair Protected by Smith and Wesson" shirt.  It would be the funniest maternity shirt ever, according to him.  Then he added that if we were having twin boys that Smith and Wesson would be cute names.  Oh lord...

At least there is never a boring day spent between Shawn and I.  This proves it. 


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

Those bumper stickers were awesome!!! I want a few. :) Smith and Wesson would be creative, if nothing else. :)

MarieElizabeth said...

These shows are a hoot! It's one of those things you go to just to take in the "culture". It reminds me of the country sogn that starts with this house s protected by God... and a gun.

Misty Dawn said...

My cousin's two boxers were named Remington and Winchester.
I used to go with my dad to the gun shows... some of my favorite memories.

Rosanne said...

My son loves gun shows...his wife doesn't. He can't wait to start taking their son...he's only two years old. Hmmm...I think I see this in your future! :)

24atheart said...

Boy, does that bring back memories of going to gun shows with my dad when I was a kid. He is quite the collector but mainly antique western revolvers.

Hmm, Smith and Wesson....I like! And if you don't have twins and have a little boy, you could name him Colt! :) said...

Yeah, I always wonder who really "needs" an assault rifle....?

Adrienne said...

I love those old Vermonters! The look on the old man's face is priceless. They don't make men like that in Ohio. Sure, there are gun shows and flannel and radical conservatism, but there's no old Vermonters. Good stuff.

Connie said...

I know a Colton who was named for the gun. I also have a cousin with sons names Briggs and Stratton. Yes, I do! Briggs is a family name and someone decided Stratton would be cute for number two. I just roll my eyes :)

Anonymous said...

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