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Monday, February 28, 2011

Nonsensical Train of Thought

Three days ago it snowed a foot

We have now given up on shoveling our deck.

Today is pouring rain and sleet and freezing rain.  Yuck.

I'm glad I'm warm inside.

Wait, I'm not warm.... we are trying to save money and keep the thermostat low since oil prices are so ridiculous.

Seriously, almost three and a half dollars for a gallon of gas? 

I am beyond thrilled I am now doing 24 hour shifts and drive to work once instead of three times a week for eight hour shifts.  

Going back to the ambulance has been the best career decision I've made since I took an EMT course to begin with.

Last week I got to do CPR and try to save a life.  

It was all in vain, but the effort was valient and we did our best, in front of an audience of dozens of bystanders in a parking lot no less.

Yes, pregnant women can do CPR.  Quality CPR at that.

And I am getting close to not being able to fit into my EMS pants.

I cannot find maternity pants for EMTs anywhereThis might be a problem since I am not a seamstress.

Rachel Ray just described cream cheese falling into the holes in waffles as an 'exciting experience' and I totally believe her.

Now I really want a waffle and cream cheese

I think all my posts now end up talking about food.

Sorry about that.  I just can't help it.  

My first ultra sound is EIGHT days away. 

My birthday is twelve days away and I don't care. 

I just want to see the baby for the first time. 

Don't worry, I'll take one million and seventy four photos to share with you!

Speaking of which, I haven't taken many photos lately.  

That makes me sad.

But this sweetly blurred scene out my front window doesn't! 

C'est la vie
Happy Monday


Mrs. HH said...

Yay ultrasound!!

Misty Dawn said...

I got up early to get ready for work this morning, because I was off with the flu at the end of last week. I was ready to leave about 45 minutes early... until I realized my vehicle was completely encased in ice. By the time we finally got into it and let it run long enough to warm up a bit, I left for work at the normal time. ugh

Kristin said...

Huh. No ice here. :-)

Waffles and cream cheese sound good. They also sound like a blood sugar nightmare LOL.

Rachel Roushey said...

Use a rubber band to fasten the button on your EMT pants....that will give you a few more weeks....but not if your shirt has to be tucked in, then people might notice.

Glyndalyn said...

Congratulations on returning to EMS. Yes, eight hour shifts are no fun.

Mel said...

I've heard of a band that you wear over regular pants that will hold them up. It's like a foot or two wide and just the bottom goes over the waistband of your regular pants and the rest streches over your belly. My sister-in-law swears by them. Maybe that will fix your work pants dilemma.
I hear ya on the snow. I'm so ready for it to warm up a bit.

Dianna said...

All in all, this is a positive post! You must be so excited about the ultrasound; I can almost remember back to those days. ;)

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Aww Misty... you seem to have had a stretch of bad days.

Mel, I saw that product you are talking about! Unfortunately we are suppose to wear our shirts tucked in so I have to figure out how to do that and have my belly and the belt of my pants show. I'm thinking that might not be possible...

And Diana, it is a positive post! Its so nice to realize that after you ramble your mind is in a good place :)

Hydrant girl said...

I love your random thoughts!

melaniek said...

Mel's right! It's a wonderful thing called a bella band or something like that @ motherhood maternity. The thing is fantastics at holding up pants unbuttoned and unzipped if need be, lol

Rosanne said...

Ultra sounds are so cool! They make maternity uniforms for the military...why not for EMT's? Makes no sense. My daughter used one of those elastic ponytail holders through the button hole in her pants for several months. It really works.

IdahoNegomir said...

Waffles with cream cheese and blueberry goo sounds really really good too! Hey my birthday is in 12 days too...Wierd....Ultrasounds are the best..good luck! said...

Beautiful picture! And gotta love that Rachael Ray. She always has a way of making me crave whatever she's making. Sorry I don't have any helpful advice on the maternity pants. I'm about to turn 25 and don't have any kids yet. Hopefully in about a year though!

Leslie Burroughs said...

Just found you! I live in Montana but my inlaws are from Springfield VT and it is one of my favorite places!!! I also just became an volunteer EMT here in Montana. [volunteers are all we have in our county] Love your blog...we love our firefighters! blessings on your little one....leslie in montana

leslie burroughs said...

my email is didn't know how to post that?

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