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Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Study Buddy

Sometimes, even amidst mounds of school work and assignments, its quite pleasant to just lay on the couch, sprawled out, with my book in front of me.  Add a fluffy, cozy companion by my side and it almost makes the homework seem like a hobby.  Ok, well not really.  But at least Kidde keeps me company.  He really is a great study buddy.

Yes, my cat's name is Kidde, pronounced (kid-dee), such a creative twist on "Kitty", huh?

No really, we couldn't agree on a name for him for years.  I'm not kidding, years.  But when we chopped off his manhood because he was peeing on everything we had to name him for vet records. (great story, huh?) 

We had been calling him "kitty" for years, so we picked something close sounding and fire related all in one.  So what if he's named after a fire extinguisher company?  He's still the best study buddy I could ask for.

Ok... maybe not the best, but he's still my Kidde!


Kristin said...

My cat is a TERRIBLE study buddy. She's always laying on my books or wanting to be in my lap when there just plain isn't space.

But she's an awfully good friend. :-)

Regan said...

I have three calico cats. They all sit around me while I'm studying. One sits above me, on a pillow, on the back of my chair. Another one sits on the arm of my chair. The third one, the cuddler, sits on my lap or by my side. Thankfully, the chair is big enough for the four of us. :) I love having them around me most of the time. But when I'm trying to write an essay, sometimes it gets annoying to have a cat on my lap along with the laptop! :) I make her move to my side at that point.

The only things is, I can't have pens, pencils or highlighters around. They like to bat them around and they usually end up under the ottoman or something! said...

Kidde is a beautiful cat!!! And I made the connection immediately with the fire extinguishers. How original!!

Although I don't do any studying these days, I wish I could find a sweet buddy like him to keep us company!


Rosanne said...

I think that is clever of you to name him Kidde. He is a beautiful cat. I would love to have a study buddy like him!

24atheart said...

He is a beautiful Kidde! Great shots of him, too! :)

Hydrant girl said...

Love the cat, and love the story! ha ha

~A said...

Haha- that's cute- a fire extinguisher company! My future sister-in-law and her husband have a dog named Remi- short for Remington. Like the gun. LOL.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Your Kidde must be the long-lost, separated-at-birth twin of my Trooper! They are identical, right down to chewing the pen. And no matter what piece of paper is on the desk in front of me, Trooper MUST be on it. Not BESIDE it, but ON it. I can't live with him, but I sure couldn't live without him. He is my buddy!
Lee Ann

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