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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guess what's wrong with this photo?

I never have good photos of me at the fire scene.  Mostly, that is because I am usually the person walking around with the camera, but every once and a while someone else grabs my camera and takes a few photos with it.  Its great that my firefighting buddies aren't afraid of a big professional camera (got to love the auto setting) because sometimes the photos turn out pretty darned good in their hands!

This is me.  Exhausted, after I just traded places from the nozzle to the hose, and after I hauled 400 feet of 4 inch hose a quarter of a mile to a hydrant, because the first hydrant they told me to tag was out of service.  Despite all the exhaustion its still a good photo.


There is something wrong with it.

Can you tell what is wrong with this photo?  

The first person that can figure it out will receive a 8 x 12 matted copy of this photo (which I LOVE and am going to get to hang in my own home).  Also, I will randomly choose one other person who guesses correctly to receive this photo, too!  So don't feel bad if you weren't first, because you can still win.

If fire photos aren't your personal thing please pass this chance to win onto a friend who is or think instead of someone you may know who would like this as a gift!    I'll announce the winner (or winners) in a day or so, once you guys correctly identify what is wrong with that first photo above of me!


lefebvrek said...

your goggles on your helmet are upside down!

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