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Sunday, April 18, 2010

One week down and only nine more to go for my final semester of nursing school, the LPN year anyway. This week was the first week of the third semester where we begin studying obstetrics, pediatrics, and mental health. Our clinical rotations have been lengthened to nine hours rather than six and I've experienced some incredible things already (which I will get around to posting, promise). 

Shawn and I have officially begun the process of selling our home.  We are going to be having a sit down with a mortgage broker this week to discuss what we can and can't finance.  Somehow we have managed to find a mortgage broker that is a straight shooter, honest, and realistic.  I know, its a miracle, right?

It snowed this week and it is actually snowing right now.  The fact that I took my snow tires off my car and set up the deck furniture a week ago is quite disappointing. I should have known better, just like last year when I planted my garden the first week of May and then nothing grew.  Its difficult to remember that spring doesn't really begin up here until May, which lasts about two days, and then black fly season begins. 

The other day I posted about a woman's "Very Unhappy Birthday".  A lot of you shared the same thoughts that I had with this experience.  I did follow this woman's story and wanted to update all of you.  She did make it through a very difficult surgery, but unfortunately she passed a way just a few days after., during recovery  My hopes are that her family and her were at least able to have a few wonderful last moments together.  

I've sorted through a multitude of new photos and added them to my photo web page, catalog, and facebook fan page.  The amount of time that goes into watermarking, resizing, and editing photos is a job within itself, but I very much enjoy it.  Most of all I greatly enjoy all the compliments and emails I receive about them.  They are always welcome.

And of course, because its Sunday...

The week two finalists for the April photo contest have been chosen!  Don't forget that this is the last week you can enter the contest so be sure to vote for your favorite week two photo and submit your own.  I am contemplating ideas for the May photo contest.  Do you have any suggestions?  I'd love to hear them!


Hydrant girl said...

yaaa for the countdown of school! and no, the dog in the picture wasn't Tessa (the sick one) that was Lana, our other "daughter".

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