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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Second Annual: Most Amazing Redneck at the Fair Contest!

Ok. Ok. The polls are closed. Its official. We have a winner.

There is nothing like a day at the country fair. And there is almost no place on earth better to people watch than the fair. Well, except maybe Wal-Mart. And if people watching is your thing and hilariously odd members of our society give you a chuckle then check out This Site. But first... lets move on. We must announce this years awards.

Drum roll please......... ... ... . . .

Fifth Runner up:

Carharts, of course, but the overalls are what make the outfit.

Fourth Runner up:

Suspenders. Oh the suspenders. Throw in a ball cap and a t-shirt with a buck on it and you're ready for a night at the country fair.

Third Runner Up:

Its Charlie Daniels twin. More suspenders, but classily matched to a striped shirt. Also note the cow kickers and hat. Perfect ensemble, redneck style.

Second Runner Up:

A familiar character from last year. Once again gracing the fairgrounds with his mower and straw hat collecting cans. The woman on the bench with the grabber should probably earn herself an honorable mention as well. She must be his assistant for grabbing cans.

First Runner up:

Father and Son.
A beautiful family moment as a man wanders the fair in camouflage toting his boy with a tye-dyed shirt and mowhawk. ...Really?

Honorable Mentions:

Nothing says I'm ready for the summer sun like black jeans and tank tops.

And The Most Amazing Redneck at the Fair for 2009 is

The amazing wolf t-shirt wearing man.

Yes, that is a man. I had to double check. Anyone who is brazen enough to wear the epic wolf t-shirt in public with such confidence deserves a win. (never heard of the wolf t-shirt? Check it out HERE) He also looks like he is giving the guy on a tractor a run for his money in the can collection business. Look at him with that grabber. Look at him go.


Monday, September 14, 2009

An Education

In just the few weeks we have had class I have learned A LOT. Not just about nursing... surprisingly that seems to be what I have learned the least about. Right now it is mostly review of already acquired knowledge or affirmation of common sense. What I have learned, despite not pertaining to my scholastic endeavors, has still been extremely fulfilling.

First and for most...

I am smart.

And I say that in the most humble, but proud way possible. I've been working very hard and actually enjoy learning. My first two tests I haven gotten A's on and the material seems to flow to me easily. Its a feeling I have been lacking in my profession where the idea seems to be to just trudge through calls and showing smarts is considered elitist. I'm in my element... behind a text book.

I am making friends. And I am making friends with GIRLS. *gasp!*

A picture of my whole class at our NEK "extended campus". I look like a boy with my hair pulled up... but have no fear. I am getting it cut and styled very soon. yes.... styled. Be excited.

For years making friends with girls has been exceedingly hard. I've never really been much of a girly-girl and have had a heck of a hard time feeling like I fit in with a group of girls. Not only am I making friends with the girls in my class, but also other girls I cross paths with outside of class. Suddenly its not so foriegn. I am becoming a girl and a friend all at the same time. Its awesome.


My schedule may be rediculous, but I still can find a moment to relax. Keep a blog. Clean the house. EXCERCISE (a big part of my life). Sleep. And spend time with my husband. I feel great and I finally feel like I have control over my life.

If I can do it. You can too.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Up Here, it's not quite a Gentleman's Game

Labor Day is a day for cook outs and enjoying the last few days outdoors before the cold sets in. Particularly up here in the far reaches of Vermont. Some of the leaves are already starting to change and there is a wonderful hint of red across the mountains. It looks like the foliage may be beautiful once again! *fingers crossed* and my camera is ready.

In the crisp late summer (yes, September is late summer if its not considered fall) we went to a house a few miles down the road. There was a horse shoe tournament going on.

There were six pits and it was quite the operation where they had randomly drawn partners and made brackets. Money was even at stake. It was an annual event that had not been held the last couple of years, but was now in full swing like it had never left off. Old friends and neighbors hanging out, drinking beer, and throwing shoes. Just the hard working, tough, old-birds of town and their families.

Note that Shawn has a piece of straw in his mouth...

Shawn and I played several games. I lost every single game, but I did come fairly close in a couple games. Then Shawn entered the tournament with all of the other men there. All the swearing, work boot wearing, and beer drinking men. A lot of the afternoon made me think of the book "The Beans of Egypt Maine" for some reason and it made me smile.

You know you have life good when you feel like you can fit in anywhere... from a black tie event to a back yard rough neck horse shoe tournament. Some how I think I am more proud that Shawn and I feel more comfortable in the back yard then at the dining table. It just feels more like living.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Fair Life

I'm still working out the kinks of trying to juggle full time nursing courses and the rest of my life. Forgive me. Its a little crazy. But its also still, technically, summer. The end of summer. And that means its my favorite time of year... next to foliage season, deer season, Christmas, snowmobile season, the forth of july... you get the idea. I enjoy a lot.

Its FAIR season. If you could call that a season. Little country/county/local fairs are popping up all over the place. Its as if the summer is ready for harvest. All these bright and glowing fruits ready to be enjoyed.

Last week was the Caledonia County Fair. It was a little less than years past. Perhaps it was not tended to as much this year? Or the nights were too cold? Or too hot? There were, though, plenty of qualified people for my second annual "Most Amazing Redneck at the Fair Contest" which I will post soon. Its quite fun to people watch, particularly at the county fair. I actually thoroughly enjoy the hunt for the most amazing redneck. And... its all in good fun.

This week is the Lancaster Fair...and Champlain Valley Fair (which due to work and school I won't be able to attend)... but the Lancaster Fair is my most favoritest county fair. It is the one pictured above with the speckled artistic filter that I applied in photoshop that reminds me of that french painting of those people in the park at the turn of the 19th century. What is that painting? I am so awful with fine art... But anyway, the Lancaster Fair is by far my favortiest fair and this year it blossomed and came of age beautifully. There were cows, chickens, and a very distressed rabbit next to all the chickens. And there was a car show in which we entered the mustang (we didn't win, but it was still fun and looked b-e-a-utiful!) and then watched the battle of the bands and all the little kids doing their toddler dancing to covered KISS and Judas Preist songs. It was adorable and made me want to have ten of my own. Shawn was even smiling and laughing at them. Oh save me now... Shawn smiling at babies? *swoon*

Ahem.. anyway. It was a great fair. And it got me thinking... especially as I passed by the empty barn stalls where animals were meant to stay... that I may see the end of county fairs in my life time and I am very positive my kids just might. Agriculture is dying. The art of rasing livestock, pulling horses, and the allure of small town life is fading. It makes me sad. I hope that everyone, and I mean everyone, gets a chance to experience a small county fair. Go watch the horse pulls, or sheep herding. Look at the 4-H exhibits. And buy some of those hand made bird houses that are constructed from license plates. There is just something so awesome and sincere about it all. Gosh I am just so sentimental...