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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Officially Online!

So all day today... and well for much of the last week or two I have been feverishly working on my photography website. After carpal-tunnel spasms and glare induced headaches from my laptop my "professional" web page is officially and legitimately up and running. See for yourself!

That right there is hours of work... the website I mean. Literally hours of sweat, anger, frustrations, and excitement. Really web designing is such a roller coaster of emotions. The moment you get the source code just right is so exciting, but the frustration of having one comma or period of of place in the code that causes it not to function is the absolute worst. Give me a sick or dying person any day... I'd rather handle that.

Right now the website is not in Google, which I find to be highly disadvantageous. So if you search for my site via Google you won't find it. It seems to be a challenge to get the word out about my site so if anyone would like to link to my photo page on their website feel free. I'd actually appreciate it! Maybe I will learn patience in this whole process. That is a definite weakness of mine, but I will have to have patience when it comes to my photography
and my website. Nothing happens over night...


Anonymous said...

Ree's tour schedule is here.

Dandy said...

The picture on the site is amazing!

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