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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Indian Summer? Seriously?

Today if I look outside I see spots of green grass. It was damn near 55 degrees today and we have yet to even have an inch of measurable snow! C'mon... this is Vermont! Northern Vermont at that. I've got sweaters and boots waiting to be worn. My car has snow tires that need to be put to use. And most importantly I have a brand new snowmobile with only 200 miles on it from last year that is begging to be driven all over the trails!

This is what Vermont should look like this time of year:

I took this video November 20th or so just two years ago!

Snow. Plenty of snow. Vermont is not subject to real seasons like the rest of the country. Our winter begins after Halloween and goes until Easter. Spring doesn't exist... we just have Mud season. And then two months of summer before Fall arrives.

But for some reason this year the seasons aren't cooperating. There is no snow. Winter has delayed its kickoff. We've been teased with these warm temperatures as soon as we've put our short sleeve shirts away and brought out the sweaters and fleece. The landscape is just plain brown... dead... and I can't wait for a fresh blanket of snow to cover it all up because its getting harder to find the beauty in this lingering fall.


Hydrant girl said...

It's the same up here in Winnipeg. I can't get over it. Although it's making my choice of to buy / not to buy a sled that much easier!

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