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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Don't Have to Look at My Food Anymore!!

...and I mean that in the most literal translation possible.

Since we've owned our home we've done relatively little to improve it. I think its because we are young and think our house is quite nice anyway. Plus, we don't have a huge expendable income. We are, after all.... just starting out. So when we decided to finally get doors for our cabinets it was kind of a big deal.

One of the great things about a small town is that there is always SOMEONE you know that does SOMETHING you need done. Need your roof fixed... there's a neighbor for that. Need your lawn mowed? Well there are about half a dozen people that'll do that. So when we needed cabinet doors of course there was a friend of ours that could make them and put them in for us! ...and they even gave us the "friend and fireman" discount. How handy?!

So our friends not only built the cabinet doors, but also came over and installed them. They are pine doors so the fit right in with the whole cabin interior. And the fact that they are very light colored makes the kitchen look bigger and brighter!

...pardon my dirty kitchen counter.

The best part... I don't have to look at my food anymore! Its going to wonders to my appetite. Snack now requires effort rather than me just turning around and glancing across the house at what's in the cabinets. No more snacks and cereal (my weakness... ) staring at me in the face making my belly growl. So perhaps this will help avoid putting on the "winter weight" this year that is such a common occurance when the Vermont snows force you to barricade yourself inside your house and hibernate.

Now onto another project... hmmm... what's next?


Dandy said...

I'm officially in love with your photo site!

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