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Monday, November 23, 2009

Corn Chowder?!

Ok... first a pie... now corn chowder? I'm getting a little crazy here...

Cooking is WAY different than baking. If anyone tells you its not then they don't do much of either. I can bake pretty well (provided I pay attention to timers), but cooking is a completely different story. It was not so long ago that I finally mastered how to make scrambled eggs and for some reason today I decided to move on to something a little more challenging. Well actually... A LOT more challenging. Maybe it is the fact that Thanksgiving is coming up and I have been volunteered as the host for our family's feast. I needed to test the waters. A boost of confidence to get me ready for the "big game" that is this Thursday. (...lets ignore the fact that I am in over my head for now.)

So corn chowder was my choice. As Shawn headed out to hunt for the evening I headed to the kitchen. Nothing is more perfect than coming home to a meal of corn chowder after a long hunt in the woods.

All the ingredients lined up. Even bacon... gasp!... I have never ever cooked bacon in my life and it seemed daunting. But I took a moment to reflect in the monumental task ahead of me. Oh, and where did I find myself a corn chowder recipe? This site call Tasty Kitchen, which I am also using as a resource for Thanksgiving. You can type in a single ingredient and then retrieve a plethora of different recipes you can then choose from.

Cooking the bacon actually went really well. Not a piece was burned. And for those skeptical about the pot used to cook bacon rather than a skillet... well that's what the recipe called for. All the bacon grease was to be saved and the soup to be made in that pot. See... there was a madness to my method... er.. you know what I mean.

The recipe said it only took an hour to cook, but I completely disagree. It took three hours to put everything together and allow it to simmer the appropriate length of time, but the end result actually resembled corn chowders I had seen elsewhere. That was a good sign.

Finally the chowder was poured out into bowls and ready for Shawn and I to test. Shawn was a willing test subject for the chowder, but not so willing to have the testing process photographed. He did however say off the record that the chowder was "extremely good.". "Awesome." and he even wanted seconds.


Now bring on Thanksgiving! Wish me luck!


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