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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Real Deal.... Almost.

Another week without a post...

What can I say? If I say I've been busy I wouldn't be lying, but that is such a lame excuse. There has been plenty going on. School, which I have been doing extremely well in, is great. I am wondering if I have found what I am meant to do... it kind of feels like it. Work, is... well... work. I feel I would rather being doing stuff related to school than in the back of the ambulance and that makes me sad. I also haven't had a challenging call or patient in a very long time.

But I'll get to the most exciting point of the last several days... My photography! Not only have I sold a few prints, but I have had numerous compliments and...get ready for this... created my own web page!! That's right. You can find my photos on the world wide web, other than this blog. It has been what has been consuming my free time these last few days (along with a minor computer glitch that caused me to have to reformat and to now use Windows 7 OS). I've also been processing, taking, and editing several photos. And two stores have agreed to sell my photos! They are right here in town, so if you ever visit Island Pond you will be able to purchase professional framed, original photos. Or you could visit my website! (Can you sense my extreme excitement at all of this?!)

So my website... Its very rudimentary, but I will share it anyway. Its in it's infancy so bear with the bareness of it. I've been adding photos and tweaking it as often as I can (which isn't really that often). And if you have any suggestions or the format appears messed up on your computer let me know! I can't tell how it will appear on other computers so if you have an issue please share. That would be ever so helpful.

Oh... and that new type of photography I mentioned before --- High Dynamic Range--- HDR

I absolutely love it....

Like this old Dodge truck at sunset. How reminiscent.

And these horses out in a field near Jay Peak. Enchanting.

Or this magnificent monstrosity of a barn

And this ridiculously luminous sunset.

No there is no weird color tweaking or over saturation going on. It is just the nature of the photography. I am in love. Besides nursing school, this is my second love. I'm definitely polyamourous when it comes to endeavors in life, but perhaps that is the way to live life.


Hydrant girl said...

Congrats!!! That's very exciting, and they are beautiful pictures.

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