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Saturday, April 18, 2009


For every season there is a toy and one of my most favorite and family rooted toys finally made its first appearance of the year. The 1968 Mustang was out in force yesterday. I excitedly sat in the passenger seat as my husband drove it all over the north east kingdom. From Canaan to Newport to Lyndonville and everywhere in between. The approving nods, waves, and stares we get from people we pass always makes me smile. And I feel so lucky to be the girl inside the mustang rather than wishing I was her.

Mustangs have been a HUGE part of my family, oddly enough. My grandfather, uncle, and father all have mustangs. When I was very small car shows were the norm. Every weekend during the summer it seemed there was one to go to and at almost every local parade one of our family's mustangs would be present, leading the parade, carrying an important public official, or a princess of some sort. I learned how to look at what was original and appreciate artistic custom touches and ended up marrying a man who shares the same appreciation for mustangs as I do. Its one thing to love classic cars, but its another to love mustangs.

My goal is to one day have my own... a red one. But for now I am happy with my spot in the passenger seat of his (our) mustang.


Flatlander said...

Mustangs are great, and it's nice that you'd like to have one of your own. On the other hand, if you're really lucky some day you may be fortunate enough to own a real car. A Camaro.

Jennie said...

Boooo. Camaro = poor man's hot rod!

...that was mean, I know. :P

Mike Dwyer said...

wow, wish I could ride in that mustang! I have a 2002!

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