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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Winter Already?

Yesterday and the day before all everyone was talking about was the weather. Snow was in the forecast, and not just a little bit. It was on the news, the radio, and all over town. Where ever you went people could be hear talking about the impending snow. Like everyone else I raced to have my snow tires put on. Due to my wedding planning I forwent my usual preparedness and paranoia for the winter driving season and did not put my tires on earlier. Now I was forced to find someone to put on my studded tires, with an early morning commute 30 miles the next day. Hours later I was successful and had a much less (about 1-2mpg) gas efficient vehicle that made slightly more road noise (thanks to the studs) but I was firmly tractioned to the road.

The next morning I eagerly, like a kid on Christmas morning, came downstairs, went to the door, and turned on the outside light to see the anticipated glittering white blanket. Snow is something I always am excited for, especially in the beginning of the season when it is something new and exciting. When I looked out the window I didn't see a very big blanket, but there was snow on the ground. The first snow of the 08-09 winter season!

It was still snowing when I left for work in the morning. It was also still dark. This whole nonesense of extending daylight savings time is really getting on my nerves. It should not be this dark (and note: I lightened the photo a little too) at 7am when I leave for work. I can't wait for this weekend when the time changes... it is this weekend right?

As I started driving there was only a little snow on the road. With my studded snow tires I felt confident in my car's ability to stay on the road... and to be honest I've driven in far worst conditions. Still... this is the precursor to immense amounts of snow, cold temperatures, slow driving, and snowmobiling to come. The crazy fluctuations in the seasons up here is phenomenal. It keeps you on your toes.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Vegas Baby! and Life After...

So my last week has been ridiculous... My firefighter level I class is in full swing and taking up a lot more time than I previously imagined, at least two nights and one entire day. I have also worked at two different jobs for a total of 70+ hours this week and unfortunately had no interesting calls. All week I have been trying to change my name and formalizing everything during the few moments I have been home. We have also been trying to figure out our real estate situation. Our week began with an interested party on our house and ended with no word on that and the dissolution of our contract on the house in New Hampshire. There has been a lot going on. I can't wait until tomorrow when I will hopefully do NOTHING, and spend time with my dogs. I have really missed them this week. ...oh, and Shawn too.

In the mean time,

I did sort through some of my photos from our honeymoon to Vegas.

The view of the strip from our room...and the casino we stayed in, "Excalibur"

It was a good trip. Cooler than I expected and everyone was way under dressed from what I imagined. Every corner we turned it seemed like someone was trying to sell us something, particularly time shares. We both learned that neither of us know how to gamble very well and spent most of our time walking around, the preferred way of travel when you are on the strip. The one thing I did learn was that choosing Vegas as a honeymoon spot may not be the best place if you are a tired and exhausted bride after the stress and ordeal of planning and going through your wedding. The most relaxing part of the whole trip was the plane ride. It was great to see the sights and experience Vegas, but boy was it great to head home to Vermont. Finally coming back home with my new husband was the best part of it all.

The day after the wedding on the plane to Vegas (don't we look tired?!)... and less tired walking around the Strip

If we do go back, which Shawn wants to and with more people, I hope to explore more of the desert and see places off the Strip. We saw lions and sharks and Criss Angel in BeLIEve (which SUCKED and wasn't worth $106 a piece!) and dead bodies preserved for science, and architectural wonders, but I hope to get to see things away from the glitter and lights and dinging of slot machines. From the top floor of our casino hotel, out our window, far off, I could see the desert and to me wondering what layed beyond the mountains intrigued me more than anything. Plus, the sunsets were spectacular, even looking to the east as the full moon rises.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wedding Moments Caught on Tape

So far the best things I have left from the wedding, besides my husband and our marriage, are the videos and photos. All the videos were recorded at our reception. I didn't think to give anyone my camera before I put on the dress until after the ceremony. There was a lot more running through my mind that afternoon. But when the butterflies settled and the "I do's" were said I remembered my camera. Its a good thing I did because the moments make me laugh, smile, and happy to have the friends I do.

Cutting the Cake. We were nice and didn't smash it, although I tried to smear icing on him afterwards.

The garter dance. She caught the bouquet on the 2nd attempt after I recorrected my throwing strategy avoid the ceiling. He actually didn't catch the garter, but my cute 7 year old cousin who did shoved it in his pocket. He was a sport and agreed to do the dance. The result was hilarious.

Dead or Alive: Starring Brandon on air guitar. He was stone sober and put on a spectacular performace acting as Mike Roe. At the very end he did perform an epic guitar slide, but the camera guy missed it. His defense, "how the heck was I suppose to know it was going to happen?"

Sweet Caroline. The guys decided to sing "Sweet Caroline" karaoke style. They did a bang up job, especially on the kick line!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Big Day

The big day has come and gone. When the moment came Shawn was more relaxed than I as I stood waiting to enter the church, nervously moving from foot to foot, unable to stand still. My father made me wait and watch the clock "until the minute hand is on the seven.", a whole three minutes longer than the pastor had told us to wait before walking around to the front of the church. The five minutes I ended up watching the clock seemed to last forever. I was so unbelievably anxious and emotional that I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry as well as run down the aisle as fast as I could all at the same time. Never before had I felt so unglued. It was annerving. The whole ordeal seemed to pass so quickly that all the work and worries seemed silly and pointless. Before I knew it the doors were opening to the church, I had reached the end of the aisle, was being "given" to Shawn, saying "I do.", kissing, and then running back up the aisle and out of the church as a wife. All that in just ten minutes. It was worth every ounce of sweat, frustration, and time. I entered the church a miss and left as Mrs. Shawn Hannux and I couldn't be happier.

My wedding day was the first day in my entire life where it didn't rain. There was not even a cloud in the sky and we were blessed with almost summer like temperatures. Of course we used the mustang as well as captured beautiful photos in Island Pond and Newport.

The reception was perfect. Nothing seemed out of place and every little detail went off without a hitch, at least that I knew about. It was the best night I have ever experienced. I had the best friends and family present the entire weekend making sure that it was indeed perfect and to them I want to say thank you. No one could have asked for a better welcoming into a new life and new family than I received. Shawn and I both danced all evening until it was time to leave, go home, and well... you know... It was indeed our wedding night!

The only reason I have any photos at all right now is because of my friends and family who took photos throughout the day's events. Thank you to everyone who took them and sent them to me! The professional photos should be available to look at online in a week or two (around the end of October). If you would like to view them when they are available please leave me a comment/email to contact you with their location and etc.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Prewedding Chaos

I am sure every bride goes through what I had to when preparing for a wedding ceremony and reception. Complete stress and chaos. Coordinating dozens of friends and family members to do exactly the same thing and be in the same place at the same time is indeed a daunting task, as I found out. Trying to get everyone to listen to and respect your opinion, even if you are the bride seems impossible. No matter what someone gets offended or thinks they have come up with an idea that is better. Add that to people that have never met, different families, different comfort levels, that are all suppose to spend the weekend together and its bound to be stressful for the one person they all have in common, the bride, aka - me.

So once I tried to offer my ideas, had to commandeer my mother's decision making, failed, and then gave up. I retreated to socializing and fooling around with flowers. Things some how fell into place as I neglected to interfere with everyone's decorating as I have great friends and family who made sure everything fell into place. The room looked GORGEOUS, at least to me, and that is what mattered. After a few hours we were all tired, but not too tired to come to my house for an after party.

It was a typical house party. My high school friends got a taste of how we enjoy ourselves in northern Vermont. Due to inclement weather and lack of an urban party center we have centered our social gatherings around people's houses. It is always a great time filled with beer, pong, and friends. It was also the first night of a few where I had more than I needed of alcohol. Most of the bridal party came and everyone seemed to enjoy it, or at least thought of it as a cultural experience.

The Bride and Groom a couple of nights before the wedding

Some of the bridesmaids!

Some of the guys!

The Marylander starting an argument with the locals.

And I definitely didn't make that catch...

The next day was the rehearsal. Stress was mounting and nerves were growing...

And in walks in the Mrs.

Back from Vegas! Back from the Honeymoon! Back from the wedding!
Now the real work begins. The paperwork.

Its all over. All that work and stress for one day that has come and gone. After the fact it seems so fast and insignificant. So much happened in just a couple days that I cannot even process it all. The overall feeling was of anxiousness followed by complete happiness and bliss. Everything turned out exactly how I wanted and the actual wedding day went off without any major hitches. The reception was beautiful and the most fun I have ever had with all my friends and family. No one could ask for a better acceptance into a new family and beginning of a new life. There is just so much to write about... Hang on. It will all be described. Just one piece at a time.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The last days as a single girl...

In two days I will go from "Miss" to "Mrs.". That's a big deal.

However, there is so much going on preventing me from fixating on the biggness of the whole thing. Beginning this afternoon I will be running around, planning, decorating, and socializing with friend and family from various parts of the East Coast. I am excited, anxious, tired, cranky, nervous, happy, and overwhelmed all at the same time. And I absolutely cannot wait until the big moment happens where I get to walk down the isle, repeat vows, and then spend the rest of my life with the best person I've ever met. ...mushy mushy mushy. I know.

I've also got to learn how to sign a different last name. I don't know if I am prepared for all this, but here I go! ...da da dum dum.

Then to Vegas. Back next week!! Wish me (and Shawn) Luck!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Little Bit of Country

Last weekend was our annual fire department banquet. It was an incredible amount of fun. We hung out all night with our friends. Shared gossip, talked about the wedding, and had way too much captain and coke. I danced. A lot. For the first time I danced to "Copperhead Road" Apparently our dance is unique to northern Vermont and not technically like the line dance...

What we do is not like that video (but that dance in the video is awesome!), but its still quite the theatrical performance.

After perusing YouTube for line dancing videos I am now utterly fascinated and want to enroll in a class immediately. What I find most amusing is that from the videos you can tell that there are places where kids go on a Saturday night to hang out and dance where they do line dancing to country songs rather than rap dances. How awesome is that?